Finding The Right Recruitment Agency

How to Find The Right Recruitment Agency for Your Business

Joining the ranks of the employed isn’t always an easy task and more and more Australians are finding themselves looking to recruitment agencies for help when finding their ideal jobs. These types of firms act as the middle-man between an individual and their potential employers – and they can do so in a range of ways. Some agencies specialise in certain areas of recruitment and may not offer everything you need.

Types of employment agencies

Anyone hoping to find work, whether it be full or part time, should consider choosing a good fit for their requirements. After all, somebody hoping to find temporary work may not benefit from opting to sign up to a specialist-seeking agency.

Temp agencies

Staffing agencies (or temp agencies) work to hire candidates for companies that have job opportunities that are open for temporary periods of time. Temp staff may be needed for a range of roles, but typically feature companies that tend to enjoy seasonal success and find themselves short-staffed, and those that need provisional cover (generally to fill gaps made by those on extended sick leave, maternity leave and so on). Specialists hoping to find short work contracts may find valuable opportunities in these agencies too, as companies looking for one-off niche workers to cater to unique needs do crop up.

Traditional recruitment agencies

Standard recruitment consultancies work closely with both job seekers and employees alike to find consistent roles for a range of companies in need of staff. And as these recruiters get paid depending on the successfulness of the partnership, they aim to find the most suitable candidate for the position in question. As a result, you will be more likely to find help, support and advice from the consultants throughout the application process, to help you to land the right job.

Specialist agencies

Specialist agencies aim to bring together those with particular skillsets and the right kinds of jobs for their talents. Catering to those who are deemed as specialising in a niche, you may find better roles by signing up to an agency that caters to these types of needs.

Those with specialised computer skills, plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, those who have experience in management and much more could all benefit from specialist recruitment. Working on temporary, contingency and retained staffing contracts, you are sure to find something to suit your capabilities.

It may be a good idea to contact local recruitment agencies to potentially keep travel costs lower, as these are more likely to cater to companies in your area. Often, job seekers with a broad range of skills can arrange a meeting with an agency to fill out forms detailing what types of roles they are looking for, their skillsets and levels of experience – and the agency will do the rest.

Contracts, rates of pay and working hours will vary.