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    Getaways in NSW Southern Highlands – the perfect Covid travel break

    Are you looking for somewhere to go without travelling interstate or internationally? Why not try the beautiful Southern Highlands in NSW?

    When you are looking at accommodation options for a holiday break in New South Wales you will be spoiled for choice with so many holiday homes available for rent or sale in this beautiful part of Australia. In terms of the different types of holiday home accommodation options available on the Island of Sydney there are the very popular caravan park, holiday apartments, self-catering holiday homes and holiday houses in the Southern Highlands. Many visitors to this part of the country come to stay in a holiday resort on the beaches of Sydney, which is why it is one of the most popular holiday destinations for locals and international holiday makers. What we can offer you though in terms of what to do in the Southern Highlands is a little bit of everything – a great selection of caravan parks in various areas of the islands as well as a host of unique, rugged and outback style holiday accommodations in the most picturesque areas of this region.

    Holiday cottages are a popular option for holiday homes in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. These homes are most often situated on the beach at the edge of the resort area, but can also be found throughout the wider landscape in the bush. There is an abundance of stunning scenery in the area and if you are looking for that old-world feel of exploring an unknown land with a rustic old holiday cottage then this is the area for you.

    Another popular accommodation option in terms of what to do in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales is to stay in a holiday cottage on the main island. Cottages are much more secluded than holiday houses and are usually situated further from the tourist attractions on the island. However if you are planning a longer holiday stay away from the tourist crowd then you might consider staying in a holiday resort on the main island. Although it is best to book your accommodation and holiday house accommodation separately online, when you do book you can ensure that you are booking somewhere that suits both your needs and your budget.

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    Travel Puglia – Why Visit Puglia with Us?

    Why Visit Puglia with TravelPuglia

    The region of Puglia is often considered to be a hidden gem of Italy. When you look at how popular other parts of the country can be among tourists, it’s not hard to see why Apulia (while a fantastic location), often gets overlooked.

    Our team here at Travel Puglia know just how amazing this destination can be and this is why we aim to provide our guests with the best possible experience of the region, offering everyone a chance to immerse themselves in the Puglia lifestyle, see some of the many amazing landmarks, try delicious traditional foods and more. If you’re interested in going on the best Puglia tours on offer, you’ve come to the right place.

    What makes a holiday in Puglia with us so special?

    We often take tours to the next level, going further than many other agencies to offer a truly amazing trip to Puglia – but what is it that we provide our guests?

    For starters, our team has taken the time to create a number of itineraries to give you several options for your stay. Perhaps you’re interested in having a Puglia adventure, or maybe you just want to see some of the many sites and explore the region? Whatever you’re looking for, we’re certain that you’ll find something that’s just right for you.

    We’ve also taken meals into consideration too, so you can relax knowing that we’ll take you out to eat at a variety of the region’s restaurants to enjoy some traditional cuisine. Better yet, most of these will be served with a delicious, local wine too – and since we’ll take you to and from your accommodation, you won’t need to worry about driving!

    The core of our tours is the many things to do in Puglia and the amazing views you’ll see during your trip. Let us take you on a journey of the wonders that make this part of Italy so breathtaking, such as Ostuni or Alberobello. If you’re interested in exploring towns and cities, you’ll be glad to hear that our staff have plenty of knowledge on the different locations we’ll be visiting.

    We also have some of the best accommodation Puglia has to offer, as we’ve taken the time to renovate traditional homes into luxury villas. We offer an authentic feel of the region, as well as all the modern amenities you need to relax – not to mention the fact that you could take a dip in the pool while we’re not exploring.

    The most important thing of all is that we care about our visitors and this is why we put so much effort in to each and every trip. If you want to travel to Puglia, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll make it perfect for you.