Sydney Painting

J&E Kogan bringing a splash of colour to residential painting jobs

For more than two decades, J&E Kogan Painting Contractors has been serving the Eastern Suburbs from their office located in Sydney, New South Wales. Offering a full array of painting services, J&E offers experienced and talented painters who are able to match and deliver the highest quality work to many businesses. They offer professional painters who have expert knowledge in all kinds of painting. They provide painting services at competitive prices and special discounts for large orders.

In the business of residential painting, J&E has set itself apart from the competition by offering its portfolio of top quality residential painting which includes both commercial and residential painting. They work with clients to choose a painting style and design that suits their requirements, and also work within their budget. In addition to residential painting services, they also offer services such as painting ceilings and walls in Sydney, as well as painting porches and patios, sandstone pavers and tiles, hardwood floors, stone and tile roofs, and many other finishing techniques. They also provide a full range of painting accessories including brushes, rollers, masking material, window tinting, and adhesives.

Commercial painting services include commercial painting services for exterior and interiors painted on brick or stone. Whether it is a new building or a re-paint or repair job, J&E Kogan painting assures that your painting project will be done to the highest standards possible. Best of all, commercial painting offers a full range of painting techniques from flat base coatings to pressure washing. Whether you are looking for a fresh coat of paint for an existing building or to revitalize an old building, they can help!