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    Who loses when environmental hazard spills go out of control

    The Saudi Oil Fire – Who Loses Out the Most?

    At 4am on Sunday local time, the biggest oil refinery in the world (located in Riyadh) was hit by drone strikes, being impacted in no less than 17 spots. The strikes resulted in a huge oil fire which was contained and controlled due to the rapid response of the Saudis. Around the world, many are worrying about not only the potential act of war; but the effect on the environment, the impact on the local community, the effects on healthcare and water supplies, and the rise in fuel prices.

    Who does the fire affect?

    Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world, due in large to the fact that it distributes oil to many locations across the globe.

    The first people to be affected will be those that rely on petrol for their vehicles. Within just a few minutes of the fire being announced, prices began to increase.

    Next in line, the fire would have taken its toll on the local flora and fauna species, mainly due to the smoke and toxins entering the atmosphere. With ash settling on the ground nearby, entire plant populations could find themselves struggling for sunlight, so it’s been predicted that many succulents and other hydration-storing flora will suffer.

    With the smoke entering the upper atmosphere over the course of the next few days, the impact is expected to affect the entire region; with toxicity in the air that could take months to properly dissipate.

    Perhaps most extreme of all is the impact on the local farmland – with many suppliers of dairy products, fish, eggs, chicken and livestock, vegetables and fresh fruit all taking a hit. Many farming associations have already placed appeals for funding to help them to overcome the effects of toxins within the soil as a result of the fires calling on the government to bring in foreign environmental spill control and containment specialists Stratex from Australia

    How does the future look?

    In a word; bleak. Although the fires were under control in a matter of hours, the sheer volume of smoke contributed more toxins to the environment than people might imagine. As these toxins are able to spread, the quality of oxygen depletes. Because Riyadh is a dry region, there simply aren’t enough trees to provide fresh supplies of oxygen to counteract the results.

    Fortunately, the wind rapidly changed direction after blowing toward the South-East during the fire and this has helped to dissipate many of the toxins present. The largest volumes will have fallen onto the ocean, which in turn may not affect people directly, but could go on to impact aquatic life and so slow the fishing industry down over the course of the next few years.

    These incidents should never be taken lightly and although contained; the long-lasting consequences of the smoke, ash and toxicity remain to be seen. Sewage equipment experts and environmental scientists are still working on their evaluations of the potential damage for the future.

    Video from TheGuardian

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    Home Conversions for 2019

    Converting your Home in to a Luxury Home

    Owning your own home is something that most people aspire to in their lives, and not just for the ability to own a property. For many people, a home represents a personal space; something that is as much a part of you as any family member. Decorating a home can be very exciting, although the way in which a home is furnished can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the property. Here’s a look at the subtle differences that spell the cross between a standard home and a trend setter home.

    Colour Schemes for Renovations

    It’s no secret that different colours create different atmospheres within a home, and choosing the right theme is the first step in defining whether yours will be one of the luxury homes in Perth, or fall by the wayside. Whether you’ve had your home built by a luxury home builders firm, or if you purchased it from another owner; there’s nothing to say that you can’t strip it down to its bare bones and start over new.

    Pinks, peaches and light reds always create a pleasant, warm atmosphere and even the largest rooms can benefit from a few coats of paint in these shades. Alternatively; shades of green and blue can help to create a more comfortable atmosphere, and these colours promote the feeling of life and vibrancy.

    Unique Features of a home renovation

    One of the main differences between standard and luxury display homes are the features that are contained without the home itself. These features include swimming pools, balconies, walk in wardrobes and even conservatories. The whole point of owning a luxury home is to live in luxury, so the more of these features that you can install; the better the result will be.

    Fortunately, luxury display homes in Australia are few and far between. With the most predominant homes being surrounded by wilderness; owners are often free to choose from any styles or preferences that they prefer. Installing a swimming pool is usually best undertaken by professional luxury builders, as they will know exactly what needs doing to ensure that the project is handled correctly.

    When installing balconies, it’s also important to consider the direction that they will be facing, as they can often create a ‘greenhouse’ effect within any rooms connected to the balcony; and this can be very unwanted during those hotter months.

    Converting Previous Features

    Most homes will contain a full list of specifications that will include the size of the rooms, where they are located, any access points and window spaces too. Most planning authorities will overlook internal changes to a home, although if a more extensive conversion is required then the home owner will require planning permission.

    A luxury home should do exactly what is says on the tin; to provide luxury to the occupants in a noticeable fashion. Anyone entering the home should appreciated the aesthetics, and anyone living there should feel like they are entirely relaxed at all times.

    Brought to you by Unique Residence Home Renovations

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    How To Outsource Your SEO

    The Real Advantages of Utilising SEO


    SEO, or search engine optimisation as it’s known in full, is the act of enhancing a website’s internal data (as well as other factors) with the overall goal being to maximise its impact online. As the term might suggest, optimising the site for search engine result pages is the intention – and when performed by the right agency, the results could potentially take a company from small and unknown to international and highly profitable. This is why so many businesses strive to learn more about the benefits of using an SEO company; simply to see if they could reap the rewards.


    But as with all things that sound too good to be true, the techniques used can sometimes do more harm than good. This has been an event experienced by thousands of businesses around the globe and most will share one thing in common – they invested in a low-quality optimisation service performed by ‘experts’ that may not be able to keep up with the newest methods, or remain out of a search engine’s line of fire.


    Why is this the case with outsourcing SEO?


    SEO is a cat and mouse game, as some of the most prominent specialists in the field will tell you. On the one hand, search engines such as Google will allow people to promote their businesses as long as they pay; and on the other, they will punish companies that attempt to navigate their way around search results by using tricks and techniques. And that’s why it’s so important to find a good agency that understands the risks involved – as well as the potential to maximise the visibility of their client’s website.


    Are the risks that severe with SEO outsourcing?


    If a company opts to hire a cheap, ill-prepared optimisation provider; the risks can be very high indeed. They range from penalisation, right through to complete delisting. But as you may have noticed from reading the above, these risks are apparent when hiring an agency that may not be up to the rapidly evolving tasks associated with optimising a website.


    The most prolific experts out there can simply be so effective at what they do, that any concerns and risks can be reduced substantially; allowing a website to grow in a way that a search engine agrees with, whilst propelling their online visibility through the result pages. When it comes to reaching an incredibly large audience, maximising the potential for sales and enjoying huge profits – there truly is no technique quite as potent as online optimisation. With it, even the smallest companies have quickly seen their profitability skyrocket with consistent effort.


    The more effective the techniques, the better the results can be. Although there’s never a guarantee that a website will reach the top of the results – if it is able to with the support of an experienced agency, then their profits could quickly make up for any initial expenses. This is simply because more and more people will be able to find the website online easier; allowing it to become a first choice for those wanting to spend their hard-earned cash.

    Digital Marketing Agency – Two Moons Consulting

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    Landscaping your garden – the 2019 must seen garden designs

    When To Use Landscape Design


    Outdoor spaces can function in a range of ways – and whether you have a small garden or a large piece of land, it could benefit from a range of landscaping ideas. But when might landscape design be necessary?


    What is garden landscaping?


    This method of garden design makes use of plants and structural elements to enhance the flow of an outdoor space; with the intention of framing specific focal points and preserving the natural feel of the location.

    When to use landscape design for your garden


    Many people choose to use landscape styles in their gardens to maintain continuity; especially when their space borders rural green areas. This means that if you have an outdoor space that meets with natural green areas or landscapes, you may want to design your garden to match. This could involve you planting native plants, trees, or shrubbery – or even developing sections or layers that meet a certain aesthetic. Creating a structural outdoor scheme can change the character of your garden and make it more functional, too.


    It may be a good idea to define what you want from your landscaped garden before you consider designing it. For example, does it need to function for entertainment, or to cater to children? Should it be a low-maintenance, relaxing space? Do you want to be more active in the upkeep of your garden as it grows throughout the year? Your reasons for wanting to landscape can greatly affect your requirements.


    Enlisting the help of a professional landscape architect


    There may be instances where doing the work yourself can be easy enough, but as landscape design often needs to take into account a range of factors and may warrant a certain amount of skill and knowledge; hiring a professional might be the only way to ensure the right look and feel for your garden.


    What to expect for landscaping


    In smaller-scale (often residential) projects, a specialist designer/gardener should draft a plan for the site in question, before starting any manual work. Following a consultation, they will aim to plan for your specific needs; taking into account the topography of the land, types of soil and existing ground installations (such as gravel or concrete), your desired arrangements, features and the types of vegetation needed. Larger spaces may require subdivision and an expert should be able to work within a range of parameters to suit your needs.


    Who will do the work?


    It may be worth it to keep in mind that specific specialists may only do the planning and not the physical work – but most should be able to do both. There may be tasks that you can fulfil yourself throughout the project, just as there may be constructions that could require a builder or specific professional (i.e. if you are hoping to install larger structures or specialist design elements).

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    Wrinkle Relaxers like Botox, do they really work?

    What Are Wrinkle Relaxers such as Botox and Dysport?


    More and more individuals who are looking for a younger looking complexion turn to wrinkle relaxers (professionally known as neuromodulators), every year. Typically, these types of treatments are used to lessen the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and in-between the eyebrows. There are two that are commonly used, these are Botox, and Dysport.


    How do wrinkle relaxers such as Botox work?


    While these kinds of wrinkle treatments are often considered to be some of the most effective, you may be wondering if they’re right for you – and having a better understanding of how they work might just be what you need to decide whether or not this is what you’ve been looking for.


    Most work by paralyzing the face muscles that cause wrinkles, which is often how they’re able to reduce the appearance of age lines so well. Injections block the signals sent from the nerve to the injected muscle – and this stops them from contracting; lessening the appearance of wrinkles.


    The most common uses for neuromodulators include:


    • Bunny lines
    • Crow’s feet
    • Frown/forehead lines
    • Lip lines
    • Smokers lines


    Additionally, some can be used alongside wrinkle fillers to cover up any lines that may still be visible on the face – providing most of those who go through the procedure a smooth and younger looking complexion.


    The benefits of using Botox and other wrinkle relaxers


    Most find that this cosmetic procedure is great at restoring skin to a younger state – but did you know that there can also be other benefits that can come with this type of treatment?


    While well-known for being able to treat wrinkle-based problems, these kinds of cosmetic procedures can also help to reduce excessive sweating, relax the masseter muscle (which can often result in a slimmer looking jawline) and more.


    So, while you may want reduce the appearance of age lines and wrinkles via this kind of cosmetic procedure, you could also benefit in other ways that you hadn’t expected.


    What’s better for your skin – Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport?


    If you’ve been doing your research on this type of wrinkle treatment, you may know that three of the most popular forms of neuromodulators currently on the market are Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. The three of these work in similar ways – but their subtle differences can mean that one may work better for some individuals than others. So, which one is right for you?


    Trial can be the easiest way to find which works best for your needs. Most patients prefer one type over another due to their own individual experiences, which are typically based on their bodys own response to the cosmetic procedure in question.

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    Finding The Right Recruitment Agency

    How to Find The Right Recruitment Agency for Your Business

    Joining the ranks of the employed isn’t always an easy task and more and more Australians are finding themselves looking to recruitment agencies for help when finding their ideal jobs. These types of firms act as the middle-man between an individual and their potential employers – and they can do so in a range of ways. Some agencies specialise in certain areas of recruitment and may not offer everything you need.

    Types of employment agencies

    Anyone hoping to find work, whether it be full or part time, should consider choosing a good fit for their requirements. After all, somebody hoping to find temporary work may not benefit from opting to sign up to a specialist-seeking agency.

    Temp agencies

    Staffing agencies (or temp agencies) work to hire candidates for companies that have job opportunities that are open for temporary periods of time. Temp staff may be needed for a range of roles, but typically feature companies that tend to enjoy seasonal success and find themselves short-staffed, and those that need provisional cover (generally to fill gaps made by those on extended sick leave, maternity leave and so on). Specialists hoping to find short work contracts may find valuable opportunities in these agencies too, as companies looking for one-off niche workers to cater to unique needs do crop up.

    Traditional recruitment agencies

    Standard recruitment consultancies work closely with both job seekers and employees alike to find consistent roles for a range of companies in need of staff. And as these recruiters get paid depending on the successfulness of the partnership, they aim to find the most suitable candidate for the position in question. As a result, you will be more likely to find help, support and advice from the consultants throughout the application process, to help you to land the right job.

    Specialist agencies

    Specialist agencies aim to bring together those with particular skillsets and the right kinds of jobs for their talents. Catering to those who are deemed as specialising in a niche, you may find better roles by signing up to an agency that caters to these types of needs.

    Those with specialised computer skills, plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, those who have experience in management and much more could all benefit from specialist recruitment. Working on temporary, contingency and retained staffing contracts, you are sure to find something to suit your capabilities.

    It may be a good idea to contact local recruitment agencies to potentially keep travel costs lower, as these are more likely to cater to companies in your area. Often, job seekers with a broad range of skills can arrange a meeting with an agency to fill out forms detailing what types of roles they are looking for, their skillsets and levels of experience – and the agency will do the rest.

    Contracts, rates of pay and working hours will vary.


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    Tips For Motherhood – just do what is natural

    Tips for New Mothers Hoping to Breastfeed

    The process of breastfeeding is possibly one of the oldest in the world, with billions of mothers having done so in the past and millions more doing so to date. The nutrient rich milk produced by nursing mothers can be the ideal start to a new born child’s life; in fact, the majority of doctors recommend providing this natural milk as opposed to the store-bought alternatives.

    Generally speaking, 3 out of 5 mothers opt to breastfeed within Australia (according to statistics). Of this amount, at least 1 in 3 complain of any one of the following issues whilst feeding their child naturally:

    • Pain as a result of consistent suckling
    • Awkwardness when in public
    • A feeling of discomfort as a result of breastfeeding stigma

    The reality is that although there are certain issues that have arisen relating to breastfeeding, it is still one of the most natural activities that a mother can practice. For those that are concerned about feeding their children in a natural way, there are many reassuring factors to consider.

    First, breastfeeding is entirely legal to practice in public; regardless of where the mother is choosing to do so. Second, the main issue about this activity relates to the discomfort and awkwardness felt by mothers that need to breastfeed their children. Thirdly, it’s also become apparent that many mothers aren’t able to easily produce milk on demand – and many leading medical experts put this down to the fact that the modern diet that so many are exposed to is taking its toll.

    With that in mind, a good option for mothers can be to combat each issue one at a time – and a particular solution has become quite convenient for a number of reasons.

    What is this solution?

    Breast pumps. These handy devices are easy to use, very affordable and can all but eliminate the concerns felt by many mothers.

    For a start, the pumps can be used to express milk from breasts in a comfortable way – and one that will allow the milk to be stored for use at a later date, or used immediately via bottle if the need arises. And that’s the second benefit; the fact that, because milk can be transferred from breast to bottle with relative ease, the insecurities and worries felt by many mothers needing to breastfeed publicaly can be negated.

    Finally, and because of the tendency for many mothers to lactate at irregular intervals, the pumps can be used when milk is available – before transferring it for storage within a fridge to allow the baby to feed whenever it becomes hungry. The more that is expressed, the greater the volume of milk available will be – and this is something that many mothers breastfeeding directly won’t be able to take advantage of.

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    Can a State Trustee fulfil the tasks of probate?

    Can State Trustees Help with a Will?

    In certain circumstances typically relating to an individual being unable to fulfil general tasks such as the creation of a will, state trustees may be given permission to do so on their behalf. When it comes to creating a will; disabilities, injuries and other debilitating events may impact a person’s ability to fill in the required information themselves – and that’s why the courts have opened a channel for their carers and guardians to do so on their behalf, especially where legal wills are concerned. (see Legal Answers government FAQ website)

    There are several ways to create a will – from the increasingly risky written will that can be tampered and modified (and so are queried to greater extents in court), right through to digital alternatives that offer a wide range of reassurances to their authors.

    How can state trustees help?

    Where power of attorney can be issued to a person that is considered a viable candidate to make decisions for a person that might not be able to do so themselves, state trustees are often issued with the ability to govern a person’s financial data, as well as their legal affairs in general. There are many cases whereby an individual might not be able to fulfil their wishes due to a debilitating condition and in these scenarios, they might require assistance to do so on their behalf.

    And that is where state trustees can help.

    There are many different options available to state trustees and those that require their support – from executor solutions that allow a person (or people) to decide an incapacitated individual’s affairs, right through to the issuance of an enduring power of attorney. In all cases, a trustee must be a person that has been enlisted to act on behalf of an individual; not to their own gain, but to the betterment and advantage of the individual’s decisions, should they have been capable of doing so themselves.

    As a result, it’s not uncommon to hear that trustees are often tasked with creating wills on behalf of a loved one – or when hiring professional services, these people will often play an impartial role, allowing them to be unbiased when making decisions on behalf of their charge. In most cases a trustee will create a will within a digital environment; one that will allow them to compile the relevant documentation and data to be provided within the will itself.

    Furthermore, an online kit will often include a range of advanced security features, allowing the individual unable to create it by hand to ensure that the information is relevant and as intended. And if they aren’t able to do that, then the responsibility will fall upon their trustee to carry out their wishes instead.

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